Got a calculus or Chemistry problem you cannot solve?

Send it to  We will solve it and post a streaming video of the solution on our website.

Some Instructions:

If you do not see a problem like the one you are working on, send in your problem to We will post a video of the solution (eventually) and most likely email you back right away with some hints or coaching on how to solve it.

Why are we doing this? Well in essence we have observed that many calculus and chemistry students do not have a rocket scientist parent at home to help out with the obscure homework. Especially if you are working late at night, who are you going to call?

So for the time being we will solve problems and post the answers for free....what else are a couple of surfing rocket scientists going to do anyway after the sun sets or when the break is closing out??

We hope that we can help you to crack the code of calculus and chemistry and discover that they are pretty interesting subjects and way to look at the world after all....

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