Recent Unsolicited Testimonials

Below are just some of the comments we have received via email over the years.

thank you thank you thank you! you have been a great help especially when the majority of professors and textbooks are of no use. thanks again! =)


Yeah, I did it. Thank you.  I am really appreciate your help.  Take care.


Thank you!! My Prof and Tutor are great but they're definately not pauseable, and repeatable!! Please Keep doing this!!


hi, i just want to thank you guys and your website for helping me pass my calculus ap test.  i got a 4 on the cal BC!

anyway, thank you so much.


Hi, I actually don't have something I need solved, I just wanted to say

thank you for posting such helpful videos. I use them CONSTANTLY! I could

not make it through my classes without them. My class is deep in integrals

(yuck) right now and I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to

get some extra help when I'm stuck.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


omg, you just made me not fail this part of my math test tomorrow

thank you sooooo much!


Thank you for posting the videos on rocket science!  It has kept me busy for the past few days (last few days before school begins!).  What a great website you guys have, and what a wealth of information -- I am glad that you took the time to share.  I will tell all my students to visit your website for help with AP calc, and I am sure they will find it invaluable.  Again, thanks for sharing!


awesome! that's waht I want to watch on youtube. I can't even ask those questionin life. because no one knows it.


You guys are great. I saw your videos on Youtube and I just want to say thank you. You are a breath of fresh air and you seem be teachers that I can connect with as a student. Thanks


There was indeed.  I had only seen a clip on You Tube – but found the one you were referring to on your site and it was very helpful.  Thank you.


Thank you very much for the hard work you guys have done on your videos.  I graduated with an engineering degree 7 years ago and am studying to take the Fundamental of Engineering exam in October.  Your videos have helped to refresh my memory and reignite my interest in calculus.  Keep up the good work!!!!!!


Hey guys, I don't need a problem solved, but I do want to thank you guys a whole lot. Your website has helped me A LOT and has improved my interest and understanding in calculus. Keep up the great work!!!


Thankyou Tom so much I would have been doing it forever. Actually I was!


Hello, I'm a high school senior who's going to take the Calculus AB AP test tomorrow morning, and I'd just like to say, your videos helped a lot. Great way for students to review material and refresh with things taught way back when school started. I only wished I'd found it sooner. The videos are short, quick and to the point, explaining everything with great details. If I get a 5 on tomorrow's test, I'd just like to thank you guys in advance! Keep up the great work!

-Midnight Student


That works, thank you very much!

You guys do quite a service. Just curious, are you guys math teachers or engineers or just math fanatics?


Hi , I really enjoyed the videos and just wanted to say thank you!



I would just like to express my gratitude for the time and devotion you have put into this project, I just stumbled onto your videos and they have been helping me heaps! Keep up the good work, we all really appreciate it!!


Great website.  I especially like the videos where you give an exhaustive comprehensive overall approach (case in point: "the integration jungle guide" and "soup to nuts partial fractions").


I watched your video explaining the application of Lagrange's theory with economics. That was very well explained and it really helped me gain a better understanding of this theory.


I just watched Integrating x^2sinx, and the instructor did a great job in explaining it.


I am most grateful to the rocket scientist who helped me last week with my math problem. I understood it very well and everything was much clearer


Thank you so much!! Is there a way I can donate money to keep this wonderful program going? Truly a great service..


thank you so much for helping me out i really appreciate it.


I would like to say I really appreciate your site and to all the rocket scientists who offer their time to help us with calculus problems.


Hi, thank you for creating the videos in calculus & differential equation. You are an inspiration.


I am from Bielefeld, Germany and I make my PhD in Neuroscience. Your videos are among the most awesome things I have found in the internet in the last years. Mathmatics was not so easy to me in school (Otherwise I would have had studied physics). In any case, even in neuroscience I need mathematics and I like it. I wish I would have had a better teacher in school or there would have been videos like yours in the internet some years before. Thank you and keep at it!


I just wanted to send my sincere thanks for posting your calc how-to's online.

I learned the delta-epsilon limit formal proof from your video, it made perfect sense,  as compared to the incomprehensible string of symbols my teacher wrote and said "memorize this"...

I work full time, and here it is 11:32 at night and I'm trying to clarify some final concepts - midnight tutor is very appropriate :)


Hi ! First of all i just wanna say that I´ve been thriving since i watched a lot of ur videos that u usually post on youtube.. it´s awesome


Midnight Tutors,

I just wanted to thank you guys for doing this !  Many students need something like this as a second perspective to help them grasp the ideas of Calculus.  I know when I was first learning this stuff it would have been a tremendous aid.  This is really great what you have done!


 I tutor math now, and seeing these things are super refreshers for me too!  Thanks and keep up the great work!!!


I just stumbled upon this website and it helped me through a problem that I could just not figure out. You guys rock!


hi!! one day after my calculus ab midterm i youtubed calculus ab and found your site... awesome! I just watched the 'how to solve calculus word problems' and realized that you use the same book as my class does!!